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Here are our current vacancies. Use search to find the job you wish to apply for. Click the job name to see more details and to apply.

Administrative AssistantEastVN1476Memphis, TNRegular
Administrative Assistant, Business DevelopmentCorpVN1475Pacific, MORegular
Area ManagerEastVN1077St. Louis, MORegular
Cable Services Tech IIWestVN1069Des Moines, IARegularDec 31, 2019
Cable Technician IIWestVN1152San Antonio, TXRegular
CDL Drill LocatorWestVN1306Albuquerque, NMRegularDec 31, 2019
CDL Drill OperatorWestVN1305Albuquerque, NMRegularDec 31, 2019
CDL LaborerWestVN1485Albuquerque, NMRegularDec 31, 2019
CDL LaborerWestVN1371Albuquerque, NMRegularDec 31, 2019
CDL LaborerEastVN1427New Orleans, LARegular
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